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FAI Competition Model Kit SK 369

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The SK 369 is an entry level kit to allow you to compete in parachute, streamer and helicopter duration flying under FAI rules.  FAI rules for duration events such as parachute, streamer, and helicopter duration are different than NAR rules in that the airframe has specifications for length and diameter.  The SK 369 is designed to meet these specifications.  It can be used for S3A (A parachute duration), S6A (A streamer duration) and S9A (A helicopter duration) events flow with 13mm Estes motors.  The airframes are made from cardstock and standard body tubes and are pre fabricated.  Fins are laser cut from 1/16" balsa and only require sanding and attachment to the airframe with adhesive.  Use of our FAI Fin Jig to do this is highly recommended.  A vacu-formed nose cone, ejection plug and kevlar shock cord are included.  No recovery system is supplied.  No finishing is required.  Completed kit without motors or recovery system weighs 12 gm.

To view a construction video go to: