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MNT40 FAI Tower Launcher *** NOW IN TWO SIZES***


In order to launch the SK 369 you will need a tower launcher.  The MNT-40 will get your models off the ground.  It includes three 12 mm carbon fiber tubes (500 mm long or 1000 mm long), a laser cut acrylic top, a 3D printed base with a threaded 1/4 20 mounting hole and the hardware to assemble all of the parts.  The tower components are screwed together for launch and disassembled for easy transport to and from the range.  All that you need to add is either a camera tripod or speaker stand that has a 1/4 20 mounting thread (the most common one used for most cameras).  The stand can be easily purchased from Amazon or most retailers.  There is a price difference between the two versions due to the cost of the carbon fiber rods.