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3" Diameter Estes Bandit Upscale Parts Kit


The Estes Bandit is a classic sport model that is extremely popular.  Why not upsize it from a BT-60 to a 3" body tube with a 29mm motor mount?  The parts in this upgrade kit added to an Estes Der Big Red Max kit (not included) will allow you to do this!

Parts Included:

  • 17" long 3"diameter body tube (one)
  • 12.3" long 3" diameter body tube (one)
  • 6" long 3" diameter body tube coupler (two)
  • 1/8" laser cut plywood bulkheads (one)
  • 1/8" laser cut plywood centering rings (three)
  • 1/8" laser cut plywood fins(three)

Construction involves:

  • replacing the Der Big Red Max fins with the laser cut plywood fins
  • replacing the Der Big Red Max card stock centering rings with the plywood centering rings
  • lengthening the body tube by adding the tube coupler and 17" body tube
  • adding the 12.3" payload tube, bulkheads and tube coupler

Vinyl Decals are available from (not included)

This upgrade was designed by world class model builder James Duffy, whose model you see in the photo..