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BM9 FAI S9A Helicopter Recovery System Hub and Blades

Available for pre-order

The BM9 FAI S9A Helicopter Recovery Blades are still not available as there has been a delivery delay of the carbon fiber shaft parts and balsa used for the blades. The best estimate that I currently have for their arrival is Friday April 15. That means the kit won't ship until the week of April 18 at the earliest.

If you are interested in flying FAI S9A Helicopter duration, these are all you need to add to your SK369 airframe.  Hubs are made from laser cut plywood with and metal tubing and are pre-assembled.  Blades are laser cut from 1/16" balsa and will need to be formed and attached to the hubs.  A carbon fiber shaft and rubber bands are also included.  This design is designed for beginners but has a high performance track record.  It recorded a 3 minute MAX at the 2017 European Championships flying on an A motor and a 3 minute MAX at the 2022 Arizona Cup flying on a 1/2A motor.  Design by Brian Muzek.