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Durable 1:70 Apollo Launch Escape Tower Lattice


This is a one piece 3D printed Apollo LES Tower Lattice.  It is compatible with all Apogee 1:70 Apollo model kits.  It is printed in one solid piece using resin, and then cured with heat and UV light.  When completely cured, the material has mechanical properties similar to PVC.  It is the most durable non-metallic replacement for this part currently available.

These parts are printed using resin material and a SLA printer.  They have been processed post printing to remove residual resin and support material.  Final finishing is straightforward.  Minimal sanding with superfine sandpaper is usually all that is required.  If there is residual uncured resin present it should be removed prior to finishing.  Wiping the part down with a microfiber cloth soaked with isopropyl alcohol is recommended.  Let the part air dry completely before proceeding.  Applying a primer is needed before final painting.  Tamiya brand primer is strongly recommended.  Recommended adhesives are standard epoxies or cyanoacrylate.  Epoxies will give the most durable adhesion.  Other adhesives will not work and may destroy the print.